Judgment Renewal Reminder

Within the space of just one week we recently were contacted by two individuals who wanted to either renew a judgment or collect their judgment.  In both cases we had the unpleasant task of letting each person know that it was too late; their judgments were too old.

Judgments in Arizona are good for only 5 years.   They expire if not renewed by the filing of a renewal affidavit within 90 days prior to their 5th year anniversary.  ARS 12-1612.  This statute sets forth the only Arizona procedure for the renewal of a judgment and it must be strictly complied with.

The circumstance that you have been actively trying to collect your judgment or that you have filed a lawsuit seeking collection is not enough to accomplish a renewal.  The Arizona Supreme Court so ruled in the case of Fidelity Express Network v. Friedman 225 Ariz. 307, 238 P3d 118 (Ariz. 2010).

Our recommended way of handling a judgment is as follows:

  1. Once a judgment has been entered, obtain certified copies from the Clerk’s office and record a certified copy, plus the judgment information statement required by ARS 33-967, in any County in Arizona where you believe that the judgment debtor may own real property.
  2. Calendar filing a renewal affidavit within the 90 day period before the 5th anniversary of the entry of the judgment.
  3. After filing a renewal affidavit, obtain certified copies of the affidavit and record in each county where real property belonging to the judgment debtor might be found.

This procedure can be followed every 5 years until the judgment is paid.

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